Our Vision

We strive to adopt innovative technologies and equipment that suits the existing labor force and provide technical expertise, skills and training that would aid in employment and not displacing human labor.

Our Mission

To promote an integrated approach in Construction Management involving all the stakeholders in a project and execute strategically critical projects in Residential, Healthcare, Industrial and Infrastructure sectors efficiently.

We believe in disciplined team work, continuous improvement, efficient management and defy complacency in any form.

Our Services

  • Property Management
  • Project Planning & Management
  • Pre Construction
  • 3D Modeling & Coordination
  • Phase Planning
  • Renovation of Existing Facilities
  • New Construction
  • Underground Utilities and Piping
  • Landscaping
  • Waste Management
  • Property Impact Assessment
  • Facility Maintenance

Ameri Realty, Inc. has been established to cater the emerging needs of the Real Estate & Construction industry specifically in the areas of Residential, Infrastructure Planning, designing, management and contracting of small and large scale projects both in the private as well as in the public domain. With expertise in sweeping range of construction segments, our commitment to providing excellence in developing, managing, and analyzing project as Construction Managers.

What makes us different is the fusion of conventional design, planning and management techniques with all the advances within the industry. Ameri Realty will map your requirements and build a comprehensive and reliable roadmap to excellence.

About Us